Juliana D’Andrilli | Environmental Science

Juliana D’Andrilli

Ph.D., Associate Professor; Biological Sciences & AERI
ENV 325C
UNT Faculty Profile: 

The D'Andrilli group researches carbon cycling from the perspective of dissolved organic matter (DOM) evolution and biogeochemistry in marine, freshwater, terrestrial, and cryosphere ecosystems by investigating its quality and quantity. At the molecular-level, DOM composition reflects biogeochemical imports and processes (i.e., how carbon is cycled within and among ecosystems); therefore, identifying its chemical signatures may inform understanding of where it came from and what it's going to do. Aquatic, terrestrial, and icy environments can store and produce DOM in recognizable patterns, yet with human-induced climate warming, these carbon cycling patterns are beginning to change. For example, in a warming climate, glacial DOM cannot remain locked in ice sheets over long periods of time. Instead, the release of this carbon into surrounding soils, rivers, and oceans is expected to react and outgas pertinent greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. In the D'Andrilli group, we research the amount and type DOM in diverse ecosystems currently and under anthropogenic stressors, so we can learn how ecosystem function is shifting and predict its impacts in the future.