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Graduate Program

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Foundational disciplines within the Environmental Science Graduate Degree program include chemistry, biology, ecology, geology, anthropology, philosophy, and geography. Students successfully completing our program will demonstrate the following Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board marketable skills:

  1. Familiarization with professional publication standards
  2. Search and review scientific literature
  3. Application of science-based computer programs
  4. Analytical and logical communication
  5. Working knowledge of environmental science

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Master's Program

The Master of Science degree in Environmental Science (MS) is designed to help students develop an interdisciplinary perspective on environmental science research, taking classes ranging from biology to philosophy to geography. It requires a scholarly thesis based on original research.

Professional Science Master's Program

The Professional Science Master's degree in Environmental Science (PSM) is an innovative, interdisciplinary degree with no thesis requirement that includes supplemental skills-based courses in business, writing, communication, public administration or environmental ethics and a 4 hour internship.

Doctoral Program

The Doctoral degree in Environmental Science (PhD) is an interdisciplinary research degree that requires successful completion of an innovative dissertation project.

Research, strong professor-student mentoring, high-quality instruction, and professional community service are the foundation of our mission.